“Urban Crime. An International Journal” , ISSN 2732-618


It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of the electronic scientific journal “Urban Crime. An International Journal”, ISSN 2732-618


 The journal is published by the Laboratory of Urban Criminology of Panteion University, under the editorial direction of Professor Christina Zarafonitou and the participation of reputable academics in the Editorial Committee.


The “Urban Crime. An International Journal” aspires to combine theoretical and empirical research at the point where crime meets the urban environment. The publications of the articles are taking place, after evaluation with the double blind peer review system. The jury is composed of members of the editorial board of the journal. Articles can be published in English, French and Greek. The material of the journal also includes book reviews of important new publications, analyzes or comments on key issues related to urban crime as well as bibliographic and scientific movement. In this context, the publication of special issues / tributes in special thematic categories is foreseen, as well as the participation of invited publishing directors.


The “Urban Crime. An International Journal” is hosted on the website of the library of Panteion University (Panteion University Open Journals).

Managing editor: Elli Anitsi, MA of Criminology, Panteion University.


Volume four

It is with great pleasure that we announce the publication of the special issue “Human trafficking and Urban Safety: Exploring pathways to prevention, protection, partnerships, and beyond”, Issue editors John Winterdyk & Christina Zarafonitou, of “Urban Crime. An International Journal”.

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Volume two

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Volume one

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