Submissions are invited to "Urban Crime - An international Journal"

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We are happy to invite you to submit a paper for the "Urban Crime- An international Journal" for a special issue titled "Covid-19 and Urban Safety: Exploring the effects of the pandemic on fear of crime, (in)security, penal and safety policies in urban context".

Indicative topics of interest for this issue include:

  • Dimensions to fear of crime/insecurity during the pandemic
  • Risks of victimization during the pandemic
  • Commerce in Illicit and falsified medicinal product
  • Fraud, corruption and financial crime in emergency conditions
  • Cybersecurity
  • The impact of the pandemic in Urban life and crime
  • Mass-Media
  • Misinformation and disinformation
  • Policing and Surveillance during the CoViD-19 pandemic
  • Inner-city distribution of (un)safety
  • Priorities of penal policies during the pandemic
  • New forms of policing adapted to the pandemic conditions
  • Objective punitivity during the pandemic period
  • Prevention policies
  • Public attitudes

Read the full details here.

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